"We are extremely satisifed with the work and performance you did on our direct project. Thanks Again."
Davis Systems
"We love our site. Adding the artwork for kids to print was a great idea. It really keeps them busy."
Michele - Jungle Land
"Our internal security really had us frsutrated with completing our application. Thanks to the guys and Phatcat our application is up and running. Thanks so Much"
"The Voice recording system you designed for us works very well. We our pleased with the integration into our CMS."
"We contracted Phatcat to develop an Auto Dialer for our internal use to automate the process of contacting our clients. This software reduced our costs by 28%!"
Epiphany Unlimted
"The software for our PO and shipping project is great. Thanks for making it work with our existing atiuqated system."

A few words about us

Phatcat Technologies stands out against a background of numerous companies providing software development for Windows-based applications.

For more than 12 years our specialists have been providing software outsourcing services for clients from USA and abroad. If you are looking for a reliable long-term partner in the areas of Software Development, Software Testing and Web Development, then Phatcat Technologies is your best choice.

You'll receive the very best in software development, quality management and project control, enabling you to concentrate on your core business, rather than on IT systems. Our professional consultants are familiar with all phases of systems administration and software development especially in the areas of network technologies and information processing methods.

What we offer

You'll find that our software engineers have ample working knowledge of software development methodologies, operating systems and programming languages. We have proven experience and ability to undertake the most demanding projects. We use the best technology available to create decision-support systems that deliver the business intelligence you need. With a unique combination of business expertise and technical know-how, we provide fast implementation of robust, reliable systems that meet your demanding standards. We strive to constantly optimize our operation and expand the selection of services we offer, and we will be very happy to discuss your ideas. Simplicity - Choose our software and you can be delighted in person again and again!.